Friday, July 24, 2015

The Pink Party

WOW!!! I just attended the biggest party of the YEAR!!!
Thirty-One Conference is all about Celebrating, Encouraging and Rewarding consultants for their accomplishments with their businesses. I love the sisterhood of Thirty-One because you are never alone in your business.

After 4 days of celebration I feel empowered to take my business to the next level! Each day I gain something that sent off that light bulb in my head with thoughts like... "Hmm...they are talking to me!" "I need to start doing that!" "Oh wow! Can't believe I didn't know that!" So how did each day go? Let's break them down a bit. 

Day One: Early Registration
This is always a fun moment for me, but this time even better because I got to sign in as a Director! Eeeek! We received our first set of goodies: A Thirty-One conference journal, conference store shopping guide, conference schedule, conference shirts and most important OUR LANDYARDS!!! This is a great way for people to know who you are, where your from and what you have accomplished in the previous year with your business. Oh yeah almost forgot there was a few amenities thrown in there too! After getting everything set up and look over it was time for some lunch with my SD (Senior Director), Meghann. 

Day Two: Directors' Day
Pep Rally: Team Early Rockstars!
Finally I get to see what all the TOP DOGS do why all the other consultants walk around Denver exploring. Let me tell was AWESOME! We got to shop firsthand at the Conference store. Then we headed in the session where Cindy Monroe talked about how the business has grown and what she projects for us in the future. She also gave us some encouraging words to help us continue with our business with a positive outlook for ourselves and our family. We later broke up into classes based on our levels, where we completed some training on leading our teams. And of course there was an amazing amenity at the end. Who don't like a free gift! I got to explore Denver some and enjoy dinner with some amazing ladies from my upline. And to close out the night we had a pep rally with our NED (National Executive Director) Kerrie Early to get us pumped up for General Sessions the next day.

Day Three: General Session 1
Now it was time to celebrate with everyone!!! On Sunday we arrive at the arena for Praise & Worship. I LOVED THIS PART!!! Scott Monroe is an amazing performer and he ROCK OUT! After we praised together it was time to have some fun together. General Session 1 we learned about some updates coming in the new catalog season. We got to see some of the home office team come to stage and help celebrate some of the top performers of the business. After session was over it always a good time for some selfies and conversations with other Thirty-One consultants. But I couldn't hang out too long...I had to go back and get ready for MY BIG DAY!

Day Four: General Session 2 and Awards Ceremony
Okay so this wasn't my first conference so I kind of knew what was going to happen. BUT this time around I would be walking the stage to celebrate my promotion to Director. I have to admit though very exciting I WAS SUPER NERVOUS! But I had all day to calm me down. General Session 2 was great because we learn a few secrets about the products we will be offering during the holiday season. And we got to hear from Cindy and Scott one last time as they wish us well into the next year of our business. So now the moment I been waiting for...well if it was up to me I probably would have held it off a little longer. After getting pampered we head to awards where we are treated with some refreshments and watch others walk down the stage to celebrate their moment.

Sweating and heart racing. I had hoped a class of wine would calm my nerves...umm big mistake I think it made it worst. Finally the call for Directors to enter back stage...YIKES! Thankfully I had my two accountability partners at my side, Becky & Trisha so my nerves was a little at ease. Once I got my name adjusted for the big screen there was no turning back. I was on the stage looking out at the thousands of people looking back at me. So I walk with a struct, posed and hurried down the steps where I was greeted by all the NEDs and SEDs. I was happy to see the familiar faces of Kerrie Early and Angela Durham greeting me with big hugs and smiles. WOW! That was my moment!
Next to marrying my husband, giving birth to my sons...that is definitely a moment I will never forget. Next door was  the meet and greet with Cindy, which was another thing I couldn't wait to do but was  extremely nervous about. But in true fashion Becky, Trisha and I made it fun while we waited out turn. We are definitely the Charlie's Angels of Thirty-One!
Cindy Monroe (CEO of Thirty-One Gifts)
My Accountability Partners! 

Charlie's Angels
The night ended on high as we all went back to the hotel for a pizza party and chatted for a bit. As I said my goodbyes, I knew that I gained much needed confidence to  continue be successful with my business and I also made two new friends that I know I will be back on that stage with.

This is something you can't get everyday working at other jobs and this is why I love what I do. Celebrating with my sisters is something I will look forward to every year. Next year we will be in Salt Lake City, Utah...let the planning begin!