Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Summer Add On Kit 2013

Warm weather is among us! And I am SUPER excited for so many reasons. School will be getting out, family vacations will begin and most importantly...starting May 1st, Thirty One will begin with the new Summer Catalog!!!! And we are introducing some awesome stuff that I have already fell in love with. 

Right before Thirty One releases a catalog consultants are given the opportunity to purchase some of the new goodies in a add on kit. This give us first hand at what the products will look like and give us more products to show off to current and future customers. I have been a consultant for about 5 months now, been through 3 catalogs and I must admit this add on kit had me screaming!!!! Anyone that knows me, knows I am a pink girl and this add on kit is screaming with pink! If I could, I think I would buy about 10 of these kits. But unfortunately we can only get one! 

So what's in the kit? This Summer Add On Kit includes:

About Town Blanket in Spirit Black
Fold N’ File in Pink Pop Medallion
Fresh Market Thermal in Pink Pop Medallion
Hang-It-Up Key Fob in Pink Pop Medallion
Large Utility Tote in Pink Cross Pop
Organizing Utility Tote in Pink Cross Pop
Soft Wallet in Pink Pop Medallion

This kit showcase the new and improved About Town Blanket, which now has a wonderful zipper pouch that can be use to store keys, wallets and much more. This blanket rolls out and can be use for picnics, at sport events to place on the bleachers or soccer games so you can sit on the sideline without worrying about getting wet or dirty. And it rolls back up which makes it hassle free. 

The Fresh Market Thermal is a new summer product that I absolutely love! When I seen how much you can store into this at the Summer Catalog premiere I knew I had to get my hands on one of these. This will be great for picnics, park outings, sports events and family travel. 

The Hang it Up Key Fob has always been a great accessory to have on your keys to make it easy to hold around you wrist. But now it has a little something extra to make it easy to attach your keys to the bags or even your pants which will make it easy for you to keep up with. This is perfect example of Thirty One constantly working on ways to take something great and making it better! 

Other items in this kit are some of my old favorites but they are featured in some this summer's wonderful new patterns. I think Thirty One knew what will make me geek out when the created the Pink Pop Medallion pattern. I think before the summer is over I will have everything in this pattern and the Pink Cross Pop pattern also help accent this pattern as well along with the Spirit Black pattern. 

This Summer we have so much to offer and the rest of the product line and patterns will knock your socks off! So stay tuned as we get closer to May 1st. I will be showing you a little bit more! Don't forget you still have a chance to shop from the Spring Catalog until April 30 and this month's special features the wonderful Duffle Bags which are only available for this month only! 
Visit my site and click on my parties and shop under "Duffle Bags Galore!" 

Thank you for stopping by! 

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