Monday, February 11, 2013

Opportunity to Join Incentive...

You ever wonder what it would be like to be part of a business that is determined to see you succeed! Well I am, with Thirty One! I am constantly surrounded by women who share the same dreams of providing for their families. Things has been off to a slow start, however I am motivated now more than ever. After the holidays I told myself that I am going to push this to the end and make sure I make the best of my investment. And Thirty One has given me another tool to help me along the way!

Thirty One has always given women the opportunity to start their business for only $99! You can't go wrong with that. Just think about numerous things you throw away money on and what it would add to. Now think about if your were to take that money and invest it into something that will help you earn more income. It's a no brainier ..Right? Well what about this....Thirty One is going to give you the chance to earn that $99 back. So it is like you are joining for FREE!!!

So how does it work?
Well starting February 16th...any new consultant that joins and earns $1000 of PV (Personal Volume) in their first month, will get a $99 rebate for their starter kit! That that is is what I called motivation! And keep in mind that with that $1000 PV you are also earning a $250.00 commission! My head is spinning just thinking about this great opportunity. Being that I am a consultant already I can't take advantage of this great deal and that is why I want to make sure I help someone to do so.

That is a great thing about being a consultant and having people join your team, you become the mentor. Thirty One is about helping one another succeed. There isn't a race, there is no competition. It is a UNITY in Success. One think I like to look at is, if one succeed we all succeed! So why not share the knowledge?

To become a consultant today, click on the following link:
This will take you to the join my team page of my site and will provide you will a more detailed information about the Opportunity Incentive!

Thank you! Happy Spring and God Bless!
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