Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hosting can be fun...

I had the opportunity to host my own party. That is one of the things I like about being a consultant, we can get in on the fun too! When you are a Thirty One consultant, not only do you get to meet new people but you can also take part in the hosting.

My intentions was to have the party at my home, but it was turned into an online party instead. My goal for this party was to reach $500.00, being that this was the month for double host rewards. Every month with Thirty One hosts and customers are given a chance to take advantage of great deals. Like for instance this month, with every $31.00 you spend you get to purchase the "Keep it Caddy" for only $5.00! That is a $17.00 savings! Awesome right!

Now back to hosting a party...
When you are a host, the goal is to get as many friends and family involved so you can share this Thirty One experience! As I am growing my business I am learning that not a lot of people know what Thirty One is and what we have to offer. So make sure as a host you let them know they are in for a treat. Not only will they want to get their hands on these wonderful products, they are going to want to have a party too!

My job as a consultant is to make sure the host reach the goals she has set for her party. I want to learn what I can about the guests who are attending so I can target their needs and wants. The party success depends on how well I deliver Thirty One to the guests. There are fun games that can be played to get people excitement about different products that are being shown to them.

During my party I discover that my friends wanted things that will make their lives on the road easy. As some travel a lot and others who were planning for big trips in the future. So I wanted to show them some cute totes and cosmetic set to allow them to be prepared. The party was success as I met the minimum party requirement. I didn't reach my $500.00 goal but, I enjoyed providing my friends with items they are sure to love and will make their travels a breeze.

With a $200 party a host earns the following: $25.00 Host Credit, One 1/2 Off item and 1 Host Exclusives. Host Exclusives are a list a items that only the host can purchase. These items are not allowed for regular retail shopping. As a host I purchased a Fold and Go Organizer with the $25.00 Host Credit. What I like about this organizer is that it come with a notepad that matches the pattern of the organizer that you purchased. There is a zipper pouch on the inside that is great for storing little loose things you need such as business cards, money and much more. There is also a pocket on the other side that is great in my case for holding mini Thirty One catalogs.

With the Half Off item I purchased a Inside Out Tote! I love the inside out tote so much, that I just had to have it in another print. Party Punch is a one of my favorite patterns of the Spring Collection. So this was my choice for the Inside Out bag, which has a wondering green pattern on the inside. When make for a excellent summer color as well, so I am sure I will be using this bag for some months to come! What is so great about the Party Punch pattern is that you can get a wallet, coupon clutch, organizers, and other accessories.

Now for the fun part, the host exclusive! I was excited to actually purchases one of these items and I had a hard time choosing which one I wanted to get! But I thought in terms of the parties that I would be hosting in the future, so of course I had to go with the Perfect Party Set. This set is AWESOME! I know I say that a lot about Thirty One but the excitement I stress for the products is 100% authentic. Now this set, has layers of for food storage. You can fit a casserole dish in the bottom of the compartment. The set comes with matching spoon and fork to help serve your favorite dish on the go. There is also a top layer compartment for more storage and a great tag slot on the back so everyone knows who this wonderful set belongs to!

As you see hosting a party is not only fun but the rewards that come along with it is SWEET!!! Keep in mind the more your party sells the more your host rewards increases. Check out the link Host a Party, to see the chart of how much a host can earn. Once you are ready to take part in these wonderful benefits contact me and we can start your party today!

Thank your for stopping by! And remember the opportunity is yours, you just have to be willing to take it on! Don't miss out on the opportunity to join Thirty One for FREE, with the Opportunity Incentive that is going on right now until April 1st. Blessings to you all from your Thirty One consultant!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Oh the Sweet Rewards!

I can't stressed this enough how much I love being part of Thirty One. It feels so good to sell something that I enjoy using myself and the rewards are SWEET! I can honestly say that Thirty One looks out for their consultants. There is always something that is motivating us succeed.

Last Month we were given a little extra boost to ensure that we have a successful party. If we submit a party we could earn the "New" Inside Out bag for FREE! Yep you heard me for FREE! So I knew I had to hustle up and get this done, because not only was the bag free...ummm it's PINK! And if you know me, you know
I Love All Things Pink! 

Due to an incident with my son. I lost motivation to push through with  my sales last month. But God like always was good to me. He has sent me some wonderful ladies in my life and they are truly are some Good Friends. They all came together and participated in the party that I was suppose to have at my house, but canceled cause my son was in the ICU. However they all still purchased their items online. Which by the way I owe them some wine! (Wink, Wink)
So not only did I earn a nice commission! But guess what??? I GOT MY BAG!!! YEP!! I got it! And I was so proud when it came in the mail, that the next day I retired my black Retro Metro Bag and switch over to the new Inside Out Bag. What I love about this bag is that it's two bag in one! One day I can do pink and the next I can flip it over and go black floral. And this bag is only $40.00!

The Inside Out bag is so versatile! You can wear it strap down over your chest. You can tie a knot and make it look even more fashionable and wear it on your shoulders. And you can even make a bigger knot and carry over your arms. I love this bag! Oh yeah did I say I LOVE THIS BAG!!! And don't forget about our Rosette Clips, that would be a perfect way to accessorize the bag even more.

Now my question to you! What are you waiting on to join! You can't continue to go another day and not be a part of a wonderful company and earn great commission and rewards! JOIN MY TEAM TODAY!!!

Blessings Everyone!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Opportunity to Join Incentive...

You ever wonder what it would be like to be part of a business that is determined to see you succeed! Well I am, with Thirty One! I am constantly surrounded by women who share the same dreams of providing for their families. Things has been off to a slow start, however I am motivated now more than ever. After the holidays I told myself that I am going to push this to the end and make sure I make the best of my investment. And Thirty One has given me another tool to help me along the way!

Thirty One has always given women the opportunity to start their business for only $99! You can't go wrong with that. Just think about numerous things you throw away money on and what it would add to. Now think about if your were to take that money and invest it into something that will help you earn more income. It's a no brainier ..Right? Well what about this....Thirty One is going to give you the chance to earn that $99 back. So it is like you are joining for FREE!!!

So how does it work?
Well starting February 16th...any new consultant that joins and earns $1000 of PV (Personal Volume) in their first month, will get a $99 rebate for their starter kit! That that is is what I called motivation! And keep in mind that with that $1000 PV you are also earning a $250.00 commission! My head is spinning just thinking about this great opportunity. Being that I am a consultant already I can't take advantage of this great deal and that is why I want to make sure I help someone to do so.

That is a great thing about being a consultant and having people join your team, you become the mentor. Thirty One is about helping one another succeed. There isn't a race, there is no competition. It is a UNITY in Success. One think I like to look at is, if one succeed we all succeed! So why not share the knowledge?

To become a consultant today, click on the following link:
This will take you to the join my team page of my site and will provide you will a more detailed information about the Opportunity Incentive!

Thank you! Happy Spring and God Bless!
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