Friday, December 28, 2012

Why should you join 31?

One of the most important task at hand right now is looking for wonderful and motivated women who want to join my team. I can't express enough of the opportunities that Thirty One will and can provide. I know as I continue to climb up my success ladder, doors will continue to open up for my family and I.

Last night I was wondering if could I come up with 31 goals and reasons why I joined Thirty One.
And this is what I came up with:

1. This is a great business opportunity.
2. I am Self-Employed and work at my own pace.
3. Great products.
4. I am given the opportunity to meet new people.
5. Selling something that myself love to use.
6. Providing an income to help support my family.
7. Parties! Who don't love having parties.
8. The goal of having friends who are excited about Thirty One as I am.
9. The goal of building a team of women who are determine to have a successful business.
10. Receiving 25% commission on what I sale. (This lets me know that I determine my paycheck. If I make nothing in a pay period, then that mean I didn't push hard enough).
11. Working with great motivators.
12. Great Incentives (Who do like working towards a goal and being rewarded in the end? I know I do!)
13. Host Rewards (You can earn some great things just by hosting a party or even as consultant you can take on the hostess position and earn cool things for yourself!)
14. It is so easy!!! (Everything is set up for you, your website is ready to go the moment you sign up!)
15. A Non Competitive Sisterhood! (I have never seen a group of women who are more encouraging and supportive that the Thirty One ladies. They don't want you to fail they want you to succeed and they provide all the information they can to make sure you do just that!)
16. Short Term Goal earn enough to help with my final car not in February.
17.Long Term Goal financially being able to travel with my family without any financial worries.
18. Bonus! Bonus! Bonus! (There are income bonus for just having friends sign up! That's right you get a little some extra on your commission check just from sharing the business opportunity with your friends.)
19. Seasonal Products (As the season change, the products changes as well. This keep you intrigue in what Thirty One has to offer next!)
20. Monthly specials! (This is something I love, because this allow all shoppers to gain a bonus within the means for any income. For example this month (December 2012), you can earn a product for only $5.00 for every $31.00 you spend! WOW!!!)
21. Great Catalogs. (Which you can access online and through a personal booklet given to you by your consultant, ME!
22. Online Tutorials that can help you walk through the whole business process step by step. (For someone like me who has 1,000 and 1 questions this is very helpful.  
23. I can educate those who don't know what Thirty One is and show the ones who do new things!
24. Embroidery!!! (You can customize the products to say what you want!)
25. Great gifts! (I already have a wish list of things I am going to buy for family, friends and even my son's teachers!)
26. Not satisfied with something you can return it and get something you will be please with! Thirty One always put their customers first and I want to make sure I have a company that believes in just that.
27. I want to earn my Start Swell rewards, it's great motivation. (Having parties earn me some free products that I can use to promote Thirty One so I can be even more successful.)
28. The goal of being able to pave the way for new consultants.
(I have a wonderful mentor, Lori Foster who's 31 reasons help me build this very list! And if I can't provide the answers then I know she is more than willing to help those I am looking to mentor.)
29. This is giving me the feeling of accomplishing something special. Not only am I excited about Thirty One but my husband is supportive and excited about the products too!
30.The goal of having at least 10 people on my team by the end of 2013. (So what are you waiting for SIGN UP!!! And be a part of a lasting team and friendship!)
31. Last but certainly not least...being part of a company that shares the same spiritual values that I believe in.

So now that I have shared the 31 goals and reasons why I joined Thirty One it lets me know that I have chosen the right company and I have a wonderful and exciting journey ahead of me!

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