Friday, December 28, 2012

Why should you join 31?

One of the most important task at hand right now is looking for wonderful and motivated women who want to join my team. I can't express enough of the opportunities that Thirty One will and can provide. I know as I continue to climb up my success ladder, doors will continue to open up for my family and I.

Last night I was wondering if could I come up with 31 goals and reasons why I joined Thirty One.
And this is what I came up with:

1. This is a great business opportunity.
2. I am Self-Employed and work at my own pace.
3. Great products.
4. I am given the opportunity to meet new people.
5. Selling something that myself love to use.
6. Providing an income to help support my family.
7. Parties! Who don't love having parties.
8. The goal of having friends who are excited about Thirty One as I am.
9. The goal of building a team of women who are determine to have a successful business.
10. Receiving 25% commission on what I sale. (This lets me know that I determine my paycheck. If I make nothing in a pay period, then that mean I didn't push hard enough).
11. Working with great motivators.
12. Great Incentives (Who do like working towards a goal and being rewarded in the end? I know I do!)
13. Host Rewards (You can earn some great things just by hosting a party or even as consultant you can take on the hostess position and earn cool things for yourself!)
14. It is so easy!!! (Everything is set up for you, your website is ready to go the moment you sign up!)
15. A Non Competitive Sisterhood! (I have never seen a group of women who are more encouraging and supportive that the Thirty One ladies. They don't want you to fail they want you to succeed and they provide all the information they can to make sure you do just that!)
16. Short Term Goal earn enough to help with my final car not in February.
17.Long Term Goal financially being able to travel with my family without any financial worries.
18. Bonus! Bonus! Bonus! (There are income bonus for just having friends sign up! That's right you get a little some extra on your commission check just from sharing the business opportunity with your friends.)
19. Seasonal Products (As the season change, the products changes as well. This keep you intrigue in what Thirty One has to offer next!)
20. Monthly specials! (This is something I love, because this allow all shoppers to gain a bonus within the means for any income. For example this month (December 2012), you can earn a product for only $5.00 for every $31.00 you spend! WOW!!!)
21. Great Catalogs. (Which you can access online and through a personal booklet given to you by your consultant, ME!
22. Online Tutorials that can help you walk through the whole business process step by step. (For someone like me who has 1,000 and 1 questions this is very helpful.  
23. I can educate those who don't know what Thirty One is and show the ones who do new things!
24. Embroidery!!! (You can customize the products to say what you want!)
25. Great gifts! (I already have a wish list of things I am going to buy for family, friends and even my son's teachers!)
26. Not satisfied with something you can return it and get something you will be please with! Thirty One always put their customers first and I want to make sure I have a company that believes in just that.
27. I want to earn my Start Swell rewards, it's great motivation. (Having parties earn me some free products that I can use to promote Thirty One so I can be even more successful.)
28. The goal of being able to pave the way for new consultants.
(I have a wonderful mentor, Lori Foster who's 31 reasons help me build this very list! And if I can't provide the answers then I know she is more than willing to help those I am looking to mentor.)
29. This is giving me the feeling of accomplishing something special. Not only am I excited about Thirty One but my husband is supportive and excited about the products too!
30.The goal of having at least 10 people on my team by the end of 2013. (So what are you waiting for SIGN UP!!! And be a part of a lasting team and friendship!)
31. Last but certainly not least...being part of a company that shares the same spiritual values that I believe in.

So now that I have shared the 31 goals and reasons why I joined Thirty One it lets me know that I have chosen the right company and I have a wonderful and exciting journey ahead of me!

Want to be a part of something so great? Click on my link and join my team...Greatness is on the other side. Join Shel Pruitt's Team Today!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Gotta love sales!

I know I have been told by friends and family that ThirtyOne is expensive, which leads to what I am doing being a bit discouraging. I have questioned and asked myself over and over did I make the right decision with investing in this. But I have made up my mind that I am going to press forward and make the best of this and I know in the end my family and I will be blessed.

So for all of you out there who is afraid to step into the ThirtyOne world. There is an opportunity for you to take part in. You don't have to spend a lot of money to see why the products we sell are AWESOME!!! I want to give you the opportunity to shop the Outlet Sale that is going on right now! You can order some things that you will find great use for around the house or on the go.

For example:  You can order an thermal tote in select patterns for only $4.99 which the original price for them is $12.00. You can use this for lunches, transferring snacks on the go and picnics! I use the one I got in my consultant kit all the time! It was a great way to pack my lunch everyday when I was at my kiosk selling my hair accessories for a week.

You can order a mini zipper pouch for only $2.99 in select patterns and the original price for these are $12.00 as well. What a great way to keep things such as lip gloss, powder compact, mirror, lipstick, gum and other things we women like to throw in our purse all in one pouch so you don't have to go on a scavenger hunt for these items.

And what about the All-In-One Organizer, which is on sale in select patterns for only $9.99 and the original price for this is $20.00! You can't beat that! Over 50% off! And you can use this for countless things! As a diaper bag, shopping bag, crafting bag, travel bag or laundry bag. Gotta love this!

So take advantage of this great sale. The sales ends tomorrow December 27th at midnight (Central Time). Just click on my site and start shopping: Shel's Thirty One If you have any questions please feel free to contact me!

Blessings from my home to yours!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Loving the Products I sell...

There is nothing more rewarding than selling something that you love! I knew beforehand that I would love the products Thirty One has to offer. I became a consultant by looking for one of their organizing tote for my bow business. Most people look at the products and think it's just bags. Well not so much...

You have to think about what can you do with those bags and then you will see they are more than just bags, they can become a way of life!  For instance: if you are a mom on the go, then there are ways Thirty One can make your life easier. There are thermal tote to pack lunches...zipper pouches to pack snacks...there are cinch bags to pack kids sport uniforms in. Should I keep going...LOL!

Last week at our school the PTA held the Holiday Store. I wanted to make sure that the board members and volunteers had plenty of goodies to snack on and coffee to drink. The first morning I realized that I had too much to take and needed a easy way to transfer them to the school. Thankfully I had my organizing utility tote. I was able to pack coffee, creamers, tea bags, coffee pot, cookies, spoons and sugar. ALL IN ONE BAG!!! Using any other ordinary bag I would have not been able to do that without packing several bags. I would have probably packed the coffee pot in a bag of its own, due to the fear of breaking something. With this bag I had no worries.

Using the products that I received in the start up kit gives me the opportunity to test out the products so I can promote them to people with confidence. I don't want to offer someone something that I can not back up 100% . I am a proud customer and consultant of Thirty One.

Don't forget about this month special...Every $31.00 you spend you can select one of the listed items in the monthly special photo for only $5.00. AN AWESOME DEAL!!! This sale ends December 31st.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My first check...

I always knew that my first check wouldn't be something spectacular. But I knew it was going to be a accomplishment that makes me feel like what I am doing is a reality. With anything you do in life you have to make sure you put in your 100% to make sure the end result is satisfying.

So on Monday, I got my first check! YAY!!!! With my first check...I now have to drive to make sure my next one is more than the last! Each month I want to make sure I am increasing the opportunity to support my family. To sell Thirty One was a decision I made so I can help my husband provide thing for our sons financially. We have two sons who are involved in numerous activities and I don't want to them to miss out due to lack of finances. So if I can contribute to that, then I am more than happy. Seeing the joy on their faces when they do things they enjoy is a great blessing a mother can ask for.

With this first check I am able to contribute to my cell phone bill! YES! Next month I want to be able to buy 2 weeks of groceries. And in February I want to be able to pay my final car note. I know if I set a goal for myself I will have the motivation I need to make it happen. I want all my goals to be a reality not a dream.

I want to encourage other women to take advantage of this great opportunity to provide for their family. This can be done on your own time. So if you work, then you can do this in your spare time. If you are a stay at home mom, you can do this when you are not busy with the million and one things you do with your children. Go to my site Shel's Thirty One Site and see what opportunities are available for you. I am here to provide any information and answer any questions!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Advertising on Wheels...

One of the most important things that I have learned that is going to make my business successful is marketing and determination. I am finding that when I approach people they are a little hesitate about Thirty One. So now it's my job to make sure they know exactly what my business is all about.

Thirty One provides helpful accessories for women and men (yes I said men too) to be a little more productive and organized in their daily lives. When I got my pink box I was thrilled about all the goodies that was in-stored for me. But I wasn't expecting my husband to be excited as much as I was as well. He immediately grab the cinch tote and claimed it as his own. He has went through the catalog and pointed out some things that would be great for his job and personal use as well. So this let me know that I can't be shy to approach men about what I have as well.

One of my marketing strategies for my business was to start this blog! I know that if I share my journey, that not only will consultants who are experiences the same things as I am can get something uplifting. But I am also gaining exposure to people who don't know what Thirty One is and may gain some potential team members.

Another marketing tool that I am using is the decal sign on my car. I knew this was something I had to do. I see other direct home businesses advertising this way and I know there have been plenty of times when I seen something and wrote it down so I can later check it out. I went under the Thirty One tools and placed an order for my sign and on Friday it arrived! I was so excited that I knew I had to make sure my SUV was cleaned and ready to go. (Can't advertise my business in a dirty car!)

So now that my car is ready to go, I have the eagerness to drive everywhere so I can be seen. Watch out world here I come, Shel and Thirty One is on the run!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

The beginning...

Have you ever have an opportunity that comes knocking on your door...
But then you begin to wonder should I or should I not? Well that is kind of the story I have to tell with my Thirty One experience. 

I was at church and I notice that my Sunday school teacher had this awesome bag. Since I am a crafter I knew the bag she had would be perfect for me to carry my bows and accessories around. Well she moved away and I didn't have a way to contact her about the bag she had, but I did notice the symbol on the front which was "Thirty One". A few months later I decided to Google this and see what I come up with. To my surprise I found the bag and the company. 

My only intentions was to get the bag and be on my way. However as I search for a consultant, there wasn't anyone who was in my area. So I selected the wonderful lady, who would later change my life. She called me and she didn't want my order, she wanted to get to know me! So as we talked she came to the conclusion that this would be a perfect opportunity for me. 

I was a little hesitate at first and I had to talk it over with my husband. I just felt so overwhelmed that instead of me buying this wonderful bag, I was given the opportunity to have my own business and have access not only to the bag I wanted but to so much more. 

Life took it's toll and things came up and push me further from getting started. But one day I said enough is enough I am starting this today! So on November 8, 2012 I became a independent consultant to Thirty One. YAY! I felt so accomplished and knew I was making a great decision for my family. And nothing can beat the feeling when that pink box arrived at my door! Even a greater feeling when I seen all the goodies that was inside the box. Then I knew this was it, I have took the first step. 

Hi my name is Shel Pruitt and I am a Thirty One independent consultant. Please visit my site for shopping and business opportunities. And stay in tuned with my blog so you can enjoy this journey with me as I make my mark with Thirty One! 
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